6+1 website design trends for 2021

website trends: mixed real photo with illustrations

6+1 website design trends for 2021

2020 is coming to an end (hopefully), and we gathered for you all the ultimate website design trends that will stand out in 2021!

Find out what is about to happen in website design the next year…


1. Geometric Shapes

Speaking about the ultimate trends in website design, we can’t just ignore the category of “Geometric shapes.” Geometric shapes had already started to show their power from early 2019. Although, from 2021, slight changes are about to be done, and organic forms will take over.

Organic shapes are more abstract forms, including no straight lines. Imagine the shapes we can observe in nature, there aren’t with many edges, like a cliff, the outline of a lake or a river, all of them have one common: “asymmetry.”

Fluid shapes are considered the ideal way to create “frames” on a website without designing any vertical, bold, or sharp lines. They can also be used as a background of a text/ image, as shown in the below example.

design trends with geometric shapes


2. Minimalism (Flat Design)

Shopify has managed to make something extraordinary and yet super minimal. It is an excellent example to show that minimalism, combined with multiple colors, creates a masterpiece.

Every single page of Shopify has two characteristics, vivid colors, and readability. With almost none designing skills, you can create an eye-catching website and, at the same time, user-friendly.

This particular case study proves that being minimal has nothing to do with boredom; on the contrary, everything is about balance.

example of minimalism design

3. Thumb Friendly Design


One of the most important things you need to do if you want to catch up with the latest trends is “responsive website design.” Responsive Web design is the approach that suggests design and development should respond to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform, and orientation.

In 2020 having a website without being user/mobile friendly is like you have nothing.

What about 2021 website trends?

“All about user experience” that’s the proper title we choose to describe what is about to happen. Web design has to be not only responsive but also and thumb-friendly!

What exactly is a thumb-friendly navigation?

In simple words, it’s the way we hold our smartphones as we read an article on a blog. Our fingers are crossed behind our smartphone device while our thumb is doing all the job.

That’s the most common way most people are using their smartphones, which is why thumb-friendly navigation is so important.

(Extra Tip*) How to Enhance the User Experience

Thumb-friendly navigation is so critical that even the navigation bar /menu needs to be placed in a specific position.

Studies have shown that the best place is in the middle, exactly where our thumb extent. This “tiny” detail can improve ten times our user experience.

hand holding mobile phone

4. Data Visualization


Data visualization is the graphic representation of data; however, reading data can often be a tedious process.

The new trend about data representation is using infographics. This method intends to present information quickly and clearly, and as we’ve seen from the results, more and more people are using it.

Infographics have turned monotony statistic data into fun and creative information, helping people understand the content easily

infographics in a tablet


5. Dark Mode Design


Dark Mode design contributes to reducing eye strain and makes navigation a more painless process if you are in low-light conditions.

Furthermore, a dark theme can level up your website’s design since it’s super modern and elegant.

dark mode design

6. Mixing photos and graphics


Using real photos mixed with illustrations or graphics creates an exceptional result.

This “mix” is a relatively easy way, as you can edit existing photos giving them more unique characteristics. It’s also a great way to stand out from the crowd.

The approach you’ll choose to mix the photos with illustrations will help maintain branding. You can decide either to have an elegant result or a fun one; for example, you can choose a “cartoon style” for a more playful vibe or geometric shapes to keep it minimal.

girl with visual


7. 3D Design


Want to stand out among the competition? 3D web design is undoubtedly the answer!

Web Designers consider 3D structure as the ultimate trend for 2021. It’s highly creative, modern, innovative, and above all: The future of web design!

The only thing was keeping the 3D design behind was the lack of technology and the high cost of this service. As “Pinch Studio” explains, nowadays, technology has involved giving more and more designers the possibility to create 3D graphics.

While waiting for VR to be more mainstream and affordable, the hyper-realistic 3D design will be the no.1 way to create the most impressive graphics.

3D trend improves further UX; the engagement will increase since users can be so impressed by the design that would stay more on a web page.

mobile phone in a 3d design

…Things are about to change in the digital world, are you in?

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