From Instagram to e-store: 6 Reasons why you need a website

From Instagram to e-store: 6 Reasons why you need a website

Are you looking to expand your business but are unsure if you should expand beyond your Instagram profile?

Let’s have a look at 6 reasons why you need an e-commerce store.

Asides from a social network, Instagram can be an effective e-commerce platform when utilized in the right way.

With over 1 billion monthly users, Instagram provides many opportunities and features (e.g. Instagram Shopping) for brands to promote their content.

However, as Instagram is a visual platform, it is mostly suited to brands that have strong branding and rely on their aesthetic for their marketing efforts.


Remarketing is one of the most effective marketing tactics, that allows you to show ads to users that have visited or bought from your website in the past.

Re-engaging previous visitors, especially with ads that are highly customized (e.g. coupon codes to those who abandoned their cart) can greatly boost your sales.

To be able to create Remarketing campaigns you need to place a piece of code on your e-commerce store that will track customers’ behavior. For extra customization, you can add specific codes to different parts of your website. For example, you can add a code to the checkout page and track users that had products on their shopping cart and left during the checkout process.

Data & Measurement

Information about your customers and their experience with your brand is essential if you want to optimize your sales and figure out whether or not your marketing strategy is performing well.

Google Analytics helps you gather and analyze information such as time spent browsing each product, cost per click on each of your ads, channel performance, and return on investment.


Each customer engages with your business in a different way. While some of them are interested in the “deal of the day” or the sales section, some others are more likely to check out the new arrivals.

With an e-commerce store, not only can you better understand your customers’ shopping behavior, but you can create different landing pages showcasing a different set of products.


While Instagram showcases your company’s products in chronological order (as posts), with an e-commerce store you have the opportunity to create unique product categories and subcategories.

Users can also filter your products by color, size, or style which is especially useful for businesses with a large product offering.

Additionally, a prominent search bar on your home page saves users time while the checkout page allows them to fulfill their purchase without having to DM or call the business directly.

Building Trust

In the marketing world, social proof is based on the idea that the masses can greatly influence the perception of your brand in a positive way.

Product reviews below each description, customer testimonials, and trust badges can help you build credibility in a way that no amount of likes or followers can.

Desktop Users

While an increasing amount of users rely purely on their phones for their online purchases, a good amount of them will browse and shop on the desktop, as it allows them to view the products in a larger size and spend more time analyzing the competition.

While Instagram is available on the desktop view, the vast majority use their mobile phone, thus relying solely on Instagram for your sales efforts, you exclude a big percent of potential buyers.

>>With so many open-source platforms, as well as the declining cost of creating a new website, a well-designed, modern, and user-friendly e-commerce store, is necessary if you want to scale and expand your business.

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