Social Media Marketing // Instagram Template Design

Working with social media accounts needing an upgrade and developing their digital marketing is our thing.

In this project, “Anitec” trusted us to work with their social media presence.
“Anitec” is a greek company based in Nea Artaki, Evia, trading poultry products and services.

In summary, we are responsible for the following:

· Social Media Strategy

· Content Planning

· Monitoring and Performance

Our Work:

Starting with the Instagram template design, we’re attempting to balance the client’s core brand identity with some new, creative ideas.

> Well-designed posts with a consistent Instagram theme emphasizing the firm’s primary color: Dark Orange

In addition, we added two supplement colors to create a cohesive aesthetic effect: Light Grey & Off White.

> Unique copywriting with content pillars that engage our target audience:

· Corporate Social Responsibility

· Company’s achievements and milestones

· Educational Content

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