Benefits of advertising in Google and Facebook Ads

Benefits of advertising in Google and Facebook Ads

The benefits of Google, as well as Social Ads for businesses, are manifold. To take full advantage of these benefits, campaigns on both platforms should, of course, be carefully and professionally laid out. The number of possible pitfalls for beginners is at least as numerous as the benefits of those advertising platforms.

Benefits of Google Ads

One of the biggest benefits of Google Ads is the quality of the audience i.e. the potential customers your business can reach. Google users are more advanced in your customer journey, as they are about to purchase/take advantage of a service. There is an intrinsic motivation that comes with the search for products or services. Ask yourself: If you search for Nike shoes or a key service at Google, what intention are you pursuing? Most likely you want to buy Nike shoes or you need a key service.

Customers come across banners every day while browsing the web, however, they do not purchase every single of the products advertised. The probability of a business persuading customers through a banner is vanishingly low. Consequently, the conversion rates of Google Ads compared to many other advertising channels are significantly higher.

The advertising platform of Google Ads, allows for scalability of your results, depending on the demand that the search volume yields. This means that if for example you invest 1,000€ budget and it produces a 9,000€ turnover, you can usually generate 18,000€ with a 2,000€ budget investment. Of course, in reality, deviations will occur. Nevertheless, the scalability of Google Ads is undeniable, provided this tool is used professionally and the ads match the corresponding search volume.

Additionally, the cost of Google Ads is based on cost per click (CPC). This means that you have the opportunity to only pay for directing users to your website, who are very likely to have a buying interest in your products or services. This can be determined with the help of extensive keyword research (for example with the keyword planner of Google Ads) so that a precise forecast can be conducted in advance.

Benefits of Facebook Ads

Facebook users make up 68% of the adults who use the Internet, which leads to a huge advertising opportunity for businesses. While Facebook ads are an excellent opportunity to market your business, changes to the algorithm on the Facebook platform have a huge impact on how many people actually come across your advertising efforts.

Facebook offers a variety of targeting and retargeting options that allow you to show your ads to a defined audience – demographics, location, behavior, lookalike audiences, and more. With Facebook Ad Manager, you can easily manage your social media advertising campaigns and with a few clicks, you can display your ads on Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, and Messenger on mobile devices and desktops. With Facebook Ads, you can also insert a tracking pixel into pages of your website in order to reach your ideal customers with the products in which they are most interested.

As so many people interrupt their workday by looking at their phones on social media several times per day, Facebook Ads ensures the continued visibility of your ad, it helps you build trust with your target audience and offers opportunities for future retargeting.

Finally, the click-through rate of Facebook ads is steadily rising as Facebook improves its advertising tools and companies learn how to deploy these features appropriately. This also gives you the creative freedom for several types of display from which you can select (video, static ads, carousel). The average click-through rate (CTR) in Facebook ads across all industries is 0.90%.

>>Depending on the goal you want to achieve with your advertising, both Google Ads and Facebook Ads can be equally effective for your business. For the most comprehensive online marketing strategy, it is best to combine both channels.

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