BoBo – The Wine Bar

/ Digital Marketing // Social Media Ads // Google Ad Campaigns

In this project, we are responsible for creating social media advertising and Google Ad campaigns of the client “BoBo – The Wine Bar”.

Google Maps advertising is one of the best strategies to attract nearby customers.

>> If you run a local business, creating Google Ads on Maps will make it easier for clients to locate your location.

We started by making custom-designed display campaigns and ads for Google Search and Maps.

We’ve been running the advertisements for over two and a half months and have 530 conversions. As a conversion, we have set up the “directions” button in Google Maps.

So, whenever customers search for wine bars nearby, the ad appears, and they can quickly reach it by clicking the directions.

In addition, we conducted keyword research for key terms that are important in the shop’s search.

Furthermore, we developed a carousel advertising on social media to enhance brand awareness and promote the wine bar in the local area.