Digital marketing KPIs to consider

Have you already analyzed the important indicators through Analytics and are you looking for new KPIs that will help you optimize your overall strategy?


We have compiled a list of the basics that will make a difference if you take them into account. Find out what they measure, how they are calculated and how to analyze them!


– Cost per Conversion

We apply this KPI to identify our investment in order to turn leads into customers. The KPI is vital as it helps to measure the quality of the leads obtained. The higher the conversion, the better.


– Net Promoter Score

This KPI determines the level of customer satisfaction.

In order to obtain this, you have to ask the following question: How likely are you to recommend the product (or service) to a friend?

The calculation is performed by subtracting the lowest level (0 to 6) from the highest level (9 to 10), and the result gives the average rating of consumer satisfaction.


– Visits per channel

Website traffic is generated from various (inbound) strategies. This is why the specific KPI is so important: It shows which channels this traffic was based on.This KPI shows us whether visitors came through social media, organic search or Google Ads. We perform this measurement directly through Analytics, which provides us with the necessary information per source.

– Average Time Spent per Page

The average time spent on the page is one of the most important factors taken into account by Google algorithms. If users stay on a page for a while, Google may “understand” that the page does not provide all the information the reader is looking for.

In Analytics you can monitor this KPI and check the metrics one by one per page, such as:

-Home Page

-Product category

-Blog posts

-Product Page

– Traffic from organic search

This KPI is simple: you can use it to display the traffic volume of your site with an organic Google search.This particular source of traffic is free and the result of a good SEO strategy, which is essential for a high ranking in Google.


>> KPIs of digital marketing are necessary in order to monitor the overall campaign and to determine your marketing strategy. Without them, it is impossible to measure the return on investment, which jeopardizes the company’s marketing plan.

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