Key features for a successful hotel website

Key features for a successful hotel website
Key features for a successful hotel website

Travelers nowadays use their smartphones or tablets to search for deals months before their trip; hence, a well-designed company website is necessary for almost every hotel.

This immediately raises the question of the right content for a hotel website. To answer this question effectively, put yourself in the position of the potential guest. What kind of information is necessary, and which features will likely convince them to make an online booking ultimately?

Responsive design – Mobile website

To be able to keep up with the competition, it is necessary for the hotel website to automatically adapt its content and images to the different screen sizes, i.e., to have a responsive design. You could also consider the design and development of a mobile website (HTML5) as, quite often, potential guests on the road in the car or on the train come across your accommodation via Google Maps, Google Hotelfinder, or Google search. The focus of the mobile website is on fast loading times and the portrayal of the location and contact information. Users, more often than not, call the hotel after visiting the website; hence an active link that initiates a call will be extremely helpful.

Appealing content

The use of atmospheric close-ups pictures, the image of a cozy room, a tasty breakfast buffet, or the stylish hotel lobby can all contribute to a higher conversion rate. You could also consider investing in a professional photoshoot, as photos of guests have proven to be significantly effective – especially when they depict your target audience. In this way, you create a personal impression and arouse positive emotions in the website visitors. A unique section with a picture gallery to showcase the rooms, the surroundings, and the available amenities can also contribute to a higher chance of a booking reservation.

Booking form

A potential guest should be able to book directly on your hotel’s website – not just submit a request via an inquiry form. A direct booking option is much more attractive than waiting for an answer. The function of a visible “Book now” call to action button is just as efficient as meaningful images. It provides visitors the opportunity to reserve a room quickly and easily. Additionally, keep the call-to-action, i.e., the entry into the online booking tool, above the fold (at the beginning of all pages) so that it is visible at first glance when visiting the website. With a user-friendly booking form, the proportion of online bookings will ultimately increase. A solid solution is often an external booking service.

Informative copy

Texts on a company’s website fulfill several functions. On the one hand, they paint a mental picture of the experience of spending the night in the hotel for the potential guest while providing vital information needed to enjoy a successful stay. Successful copywriting ensures high content value, thus leading visitors to stay longer on the hotel website, which in turn increases the likelihood of a booking.

Hotel blog

With the incorporation of a well-designed blog, you have the opportunity to secure the SEO performance of your company over time. Research the topics that interest your potential clients (i.e., surroundings close to the hotel, food and music scene of the area, historical information) and report on the topics while providing dates for upcoming interesting events. Unlike your social media activities, the content of your blog has a long-term impact on your business. The key is to build up a depth of content your guests will click on while researching online (via relevant keywords) for a potential stay.

Contact details

A clear map with the necessary directions is also a crucial added feature you can incorporate on your website. Information about the location of the hotel, the surroundings, and a description of how to get there help the guests decide on a hotel – as the surroundings are often as attractive for a guest as the hotel itself.

Exclusive offers

With exclusive offers from local partners, hotels can provide an overall experience and enhance the stay for each guest. As the local partners naturally appreciate the advertising for their products by the hotel, they are more than happy to provide discount codes, gifts, and group deals.

By constantly updating your online presence, ensuring a seamless online experience for the user, and addressing key information needed, hotels can increase the number of online bookings while decreasing operating costs.

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