The Ηeart of Greece

/Logo Design//Poster Design

Our new project was developed on behalf of the region of Central Greece. We designed a brand new logo for Central Greece (region) to promote and highlight its regional units’ hidden “gems”.

“The Heart of Greece” expresses the identity, the culture, and the special characteristics of its five regional units.

1. Viotia
2. Evia
3. Evritania
4. Fthiotida
5. Fokida

In our final logo design, we wanted to depict the combination of the above areas; The history they carry, their natural beauty, and their morphology.

Inspired by the name “The heart of Greece”, we designed five different elements with geometrical shapes, where each one also represents an important aspect of the prefecture:

  • The sea
  • The sun
  • The meadows & the crops
  • The ancient monuments of these regional units.

These symbols are associated with both tourists and residents. Each different color symbolizes the five separate regional units of Central Greece, and they are identical to the official logo of Central Greece.

Since the ancient years, “Delphi” was considered the heart of the whole world (the navel of the Earth).

All those elements are enclosed in a heart – the heart of Greece – in the center of the earth.


The Heart of Greece