Top Shoes

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When it comes to social media management, we constantly strive to create a unique presence for each of our clients’ profiles, inextricably linked to their corporate identity and current trends.

From the moment we took on our client “Top Shoes” – a designer footwear and accessories store in the center of Chalkida, we knew we wanted something that would make it stand out from the competition.

They already had an online presence on social media, and when they asked for our perspective, we tried to give a new twist to the feed.

“When starting social media management, we always audit the account, scan the business branding, and design the entire feed based on thorough research on each subject.”

In this case, we focused on smart and short videos with transitions and impressive photos, which we edited as promotional banners with minimal lines or short texts.

Our initial thought was to create a presence that looks like a fashion magazine cover… and that’s what we did after confirmation and discussion from our client.

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