Yanna Tours

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In this project, we are responsible for the entire digital marketing strategy of the company “Yanna Tours”, from social media management to building Google Ads Campaigns.

Our Services:

Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Ads
  • Google Ads
  • E-mail Marketing

We have been collaborating with our client “Yanna Tours” – a travel agency located in Chalkis and Athens – since November 2021.

When they first approached us, they wanted to make their social media presence more professional and raise the volume of their leads and contacts.

One of the first things you want to accomplish when starting a new project is to upgrade the client’s social media presence. Of course, social media ads are always needed, but your company’s digital image is just as important.

For the digital showcase of their business, we wanted to create a single corporate identity that is harmonious with their logo colors while at the same time designing post categories that would provide value to readers.

These include:

  1. Travel tips/tricks
  2. Photos from their travels
  3. Inspirational travel videos

From day one, we have managed to build a constantly growing community that interacts with our content.

“It’s not just about getting followers — it’s about keeping them engaged with your brand!”

We also started advertising the travel packages for each season on social media. Our goal was to develop leads and attract people to contact the travel agency, ask about the packages, and be informed about everything.

Additionally, we started Email Marketing campaigns so that we could promote new packages and remarket the existing ones.

Finally, we helped them create Google Ads advertisements that would draw in potential clients interested in what they had to offer and optimized those advertisements for maximum visibility and efficiency.