Evia WodGames vol. 1

/ Brand Development

The “Evia WodGames” is a notable and innovative fitness competition held in the city of Chalkida, Greece.

This groundbreaking event aimed to showcase high-level male and female athletes from all over Greece, who are passionate about fitness and challenges.

This project can be divided into three phases, starting with the central pillar of brand development.

The inspiration for promoting the event came from its name itself, Evia Wod Games. As we are dealing with competition in the form of a game, we opted for a design that resembles video games. The “glitch” element gives us the feeling of a game and connects the colors of the logo – blue, red, and black.

We retained its color combinations by building upon the existing logo while adding the “lime” color to accentuate the contrasts.

The overall look was intended to be fresh, youthful, and, at the same time, dynamic, just like the nature of these games.

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