/ Label Design

“Ground sesame seeds, with the golden embrace of honey and the velvety kiss of chocolate.”

In this project, we present four distinct food labels under the Kapetanios brand, each celebrating the exquisite flavors of ground sesame seeds paired with honey or chocolate.

The labels share a common core, featuring the Kapetanios logo and template design, fostering brand cohesion and recognition.

– Whole Grain Tahini
Color Palette: Embracing earthy hues like brown and cream, echoing the natural and authentic essence of classic tahini.

– Classic Tahini
Color Palette: Radiating warm tones akin to Burgundy red and cream, capturing the timeless allure of classic tahini.

– Tahini With Honey
Illuminated by vibrant shades of green and gold, embodying the sweet embrace of honey.

– Tahini With Cocoa
Color Palette: Drenched in deep purples with hints of cocoa powder.

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