Memory Drops

/Logo Design // Social Media Management

Searching for aesthetic logos and minimal brand identity?

>> Then, you are heading in the correct direction.

A brand-new, small, creative studio called “Memory Drops” is where you can find the most personalized presents. The unique feature of our client is the ability to print all of your memories onto a wooden canvas.

When we learned the name and purpose of this firm, we immediately brought to our mind a teardrop. An emotional present can cause tears of happiness, recalling a moment that comes to life as the client looks at the wooden gift.

We decided to design a drop and “play” with the two characteristic elements:
– The name: Memory Drops
– A teardrop: refers to tears of happiness and joy!
– We also designed sunbeams around the drop to add a positive vibe

Additional Services:
> Customized Design “Thank you Cards”
> Packaging & Labels

Social Media Management is our thing!

We can combine our most creative ideas with strategic moves to benefit the respective brand.

We start with a blank canvas and build its #digitalpresence step by step!

In the case of Memory Drops, we took into consideration two directions:

– An aesthetically pleasing outcome
– Engaging posts that keep our followers warm

Starting with a new social media account requires establishing a relationship of trust between potential purchasers and your brand.

We started by increasing brand awareness and drove potential buyers into DMS by using boosted posts with a targeted audience.

In almost 6 months, we managed to upload the following:

– 50 unique posts,
– More than 100 stories
– Build our community from 59 Followers: 1039 Followers
– Raise the number of DMs asking for details or purchasing the product

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