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In today’s competitive landscape, establishing a strong and reputable brand is paramount for success. At Zero Point, we understand the significance of professionalism in brand development. Our comprehensive approach ensures that every aspect of your brand reflects integrity, expertise, and reliability.

For today’s post, we introduce our new client, “Vergiotis,” an electrical appliances store located in Thiva, which has been operating in the field of electrical appliances since 1995.

For this project, our responsibility lies in crafting the logo design and establishing the brand identity.

Our creative journey commenced with drawing inspiration from the realm of electronics, specifically focusing on the “plug” symbol. Notably, we observed its resemblance to the letter “O” in the name “Vergiotis,” which served as the impetus for our initial ideas.

To achieve a corporate yet modern aesthetic for Vergiotis’ logo, we strategically selected a deep blue color as the primary hue, complemented by a light green shade. These deliberate color choices infuse the design with a sense of sophistication and professionalism, while simultaneously imparting a contemporary allure.

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