Evia WodGames vol. 2

/ Digital Marketing // Social Media Management & Ads

Stage two of managing the “Evia Wod Games” project focused on promoting the event on a nationwide scale, with the primary goal of attracting athletes and registering them for upcoming competitions.

The promotion was conducted through social media platforms: Facebook & Instagram, covering both organic posts and advertisements presented to the audience via social media ads.

We initiated the process by creating informative posts and updating the athletic community about the event categories and competition requirements.

We designed the Instagram feed template with an emphasis on showcasing the game programs, prerequisites, and criteria for the CrossFit competitions.

Our template included the following key elements:

– Modern and captivating visuals, including impressive video promos that highlighted the action and intensity of the games, offering a true sense of the extraordinary experience of Evia Wod Games.

– We incorporated the “glitch” effect to create a dynamic and action-packed atmosphere!

– Informative captions, providing details about the game programs, prerequisites, and participation criteria, keeping the audience fully informed.

– Emphasis on displaying the game programs, the adventures, and the competitive spirit of CrossFit athletes.

– Multiple stories aimed at reminding the deadlines for participation and announcing sold-out packages. Additionally, we provided real-time coverage of the games, engaging with the athletes and spectators.

As for the advertising aspect, we crafted ads with a consistent aesthetic and clear call-to-actions, prompting users to register for the competitions on the platform.

Furthermore, as the event date approached, we conducted localized promotions throughout the area of Chalkida.

This project ran for 5 months and concluded with the successful completion of these exhilarating competitions!

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